Difficulty Getting To Sleep? Five Ways To Trick Yourself Into Sleeping.

Discussion in 'Musclefood' started by Musclefood, Feb 6, 2017.

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  2. Dirty Harry

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    It's not the getting to sleep for me, I can literally go within 10 seconds of my head hitting the pillow, it's the staying asleep for more than 5 hours that's doing me in.
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  3. Irish Beast

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    Ive been given some relaxation and breathing DVDs / technique cards which I am going to try tonight as I struggle to sleep without tabs. Might be psychological, might not but don't want to be reliant on them.
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  4. Irish Beast

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    I notice breathing was mentioned in the MF tips. Can be a very powerful tool if you can free you mind of thoughts. A lot of the times I struggle to sleep is because I think about things which are irritating me in life one after the other and before I know it can be a little wound up which never helps. Its early days but I am enjoying the learning. It doesnt help that in the room next to me I have a deaf singer, guitar, drum and harmonica player who seems to be starting earlier every day! So when I do get to sleep I get woken early! Thank god hes going in for a back operation soon. I'll be a new man. Starting to notice slight bags under my eyes. Could be age creeping up on me but I suspect its the erratic sleep!
  5. Big_Luke

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    I had to go to sleep clinics and one of the main ones they taught you was the breathing through the nose but I could never do it properly as I have broke my nose a few times and it restricts breathing so I always end up breathing through my mouth because I feel I'm not getting enough air!
  6. J.A.C.K

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    i try to count sheep, play with my ladies nipples if that dont work have a quick fix playing with myself haha just kidding.. sleep deprivation is a killer we all suffer from it, i suggest sleeping side ways and try to breath in and out more!! or false snoring that helps too..