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  1. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Had anyone used these, most notably the 50mg var. A friend of mine has been offered some at a very low price. I would have to buy quantity to get that price.

    I warned her about fake var being winstrol at times and wondered if DHR were good to go?
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  2. Clubber Lang

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    never heard of DHR Labs.

    crap lab var is usually a blend of tbol and var, or win and tbol, or win and var. A lot of labs making huge profits selling crap orals labelled as var.

    a lot of people these days just buy 10mg vars instead of 50s, seem to be better dosed.
  3. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Not that it means anything but the packaging it so shit its unreal and the 50mg costs less than a bottle of Gay Goose Vodka!
  4. Rentaghost

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    It'd cost you about 15$ + shipping to produce a tub of 50x50mg var. Then you've got the capping etc and packaging, labeling...

    I'd be looking at £45-£50 a tub to turn a profit that would make it even worth bothering for given the risk involved with importing raws.

    That's only 97% purity as well so you'd have to overdose by 5% if you wanted to produce a product at least as labeled so probably a few extra $ on top of that estimate.

    Any cheaper and I'd guess you're not getting Var.
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  5. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Germr what tour saying but think the capping and labelling costs you quoted are probably high rents. Could ve wrinf
  6. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah that stuff ain't much but would you bother yourself with the manufacturer for less? Plus all the equipment involved which needs paying for at some point...

    I wouldn't and I don't know anyone who's not a chancer who would, hence the price.

    Nobody's running a ugl as a favour are they mate, if it's cheap it's probably for a reason.

    Bulk prices knock a few quid off like but 1 tub? Nobody's wasting their time to make 5-10 quid.
  7. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Apologies for spelling, was drunk when I wrote that. !

    She said hes a pal who is selling as a favour. I reckon he know its horse shit and £30 for a tub of wintrol/dbol/horse jizz is probably fine.

    I offered to get her some but i get the feeling she thought I was trying it on. The same guy sells the 10mg var at the same price which is more plausible. Strange business model.

    She wanted pharma gh but had a shit when I told her the price but insists she doesnt want UG junk yet is gonng buy this var! Women eh?!
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