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  1. Clubber Lang

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    anyone had any experience with DHB?

    been looking into it more and more with a friend giving it great feedback. Its known as an over looked sted, like MENT. Potent as feck but hardly anyone uses.

    heard it can be nippy tho?

    just ordered some, 20ml to try, see how it goes. Will add some TT400 to it and jab twice a week. If its too nippy i'll ditch it. Im too long in the tooth for dealing with bad PIP for days.
  2. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    been on DHB for quite a while now, 500mg EW with 600mg test-e. One thing ive noticed is libido has gone a little flat but my main issue is i cant seem to bust my nut when shagging the missus. I end up having to stop cus im exhausted. Even when im doing certain positions that would usually take me about 10 seconds to cum nothings happening lol.

    any ideas?

    taking 50mg Prov ED with 2x Adex EW.
  3. Grimnir

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    Mast? I don’t think it’ll help bust a nut but definitely increases libido.
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  4. Clubber Lang

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    talking to a mate today who has a Pro-Card and knows a lot of similar lads over in the States, he says they run between 500-1000mg EW and said to run 0,5mg Caber ED. 0.5mg Caber ED be over kill, as i know people on tren who use take 0.5mg EOD?

    mentioned taking Adex EOD or 3x PW at least.

    im on 500mg DHB EW at the moment, tempted to increase to 700 ish as everyone as commented on size increase recently. Swap 2ml test-e 300 with 2ml TT400 too.
  5. RAD

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    I am giving a mast a go for this reason and a few others, libido was through the roof when I first started test e now flat as a fart,was reading this is common on trt and after introducing mast it sorted it right out.
  6. Clubber Lang

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    yeah i was going to run a high Mast-e and Test cycle before i tried the DHB. Neuro Pharma's Mast-e is 250mg/1ml now so was going to do 1G EW with some TT400.

    i hit 19st 4lb last friday, not been there for awhile, so the DHB is working, downside, zero sex drive. Im having to have a pharma Cialis ED just to get it up and shag, and even then im struggling to cum. Never had these issues before. Im only shagging about twice a week at the moment, were as before it was close to ED and hardly needed any nob hardeners :/

    so, do i grab some Caber and try that or do i ditch the DHB and go over to Mast and Test. I have a few bottles of DHB left but i can get rid of those. Plus im not spending more money on Caber which isnt cheap and possibly still having the same flat sex drive issue.

    i think i gonna get some Mast and Test next week. Need my mojo back.
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  7. RAD

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    My Mast turned up today so will be running it alongside test at the weekend fingers crossed it does the trick.