Cycling orals and fast acting meds when ill

Discussion in 'Performance Enhancing Drugs' started by Irish Beast, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Irish Beast

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    This morning I had all the signs of a cold/man flu coming on. Eyes were streaming and I was sneezing like hell.

    Luckily some Albas oil and a blast in the sauna eased it a lot and I was just left fatigued but alive! Not sure I am out of the woods yet though.

    It got me thinking. If I am struck down and unable to train for a few days, what will I do in terms of cycle? I'm running 150mg of Test Prop EOD and 50mg winstrol ED. Keep running it as normal? Miss a couple of days?

    Just wondering what the best thing to do would be? I wouldn't want to stop completely. Maybe half the dosages til I recovered?

    I should add, if theoretically I was too ill to train

    Opinions please
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  2. wrapper

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    Keep as is.
  3. tomlet1

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  4. Irish Beast

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    Don't you think its putting extra strain on the body though which is trying to recover?
  5. Paracelsus

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    Possibly a bit, but not something that'll let it overrun your immune system or anything. I'd keep doses the same...fluctuating hormones never do anyone any good, female or male, ill or not lol!

    BUFF STUFF Elite Member

    good question Irish.

    I personally just keep running things the same, Just recently, I have felt really shitty on Prop 200mg 0.5 EOD and 75-125mg T-3, add this with a low carb diet and I have been very lame and no energy, on top of this I Had flu a few times (which could only be descrbed as "test flu")

    Regradless I have missed a few sessions due to fatigue. Although I train through "test/Tren/ AAS Flu" on a bulk.

    If I do have illness not gear related I have just kept running gear through, as I thought an illness an running PCT, having low test levels and running PCT meds would be MORE of a strain on the body than continuing.
  7. Pip

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    Through experience...abort.

    The ones who truly know will tell you to abort.

    Inexperience and Junkies without any biological CNS knowledge will say carry on because they rely on the drugs...full stop.

    They are a mere fart in the gust as they have no real substance as human beings.The best part of them rolled down the crack of their mothers arses at birth.

    I have a very bad hate for potentially damaging advice...of which there is far too much of on the internet.

    Based on rep systems/how much you post/frequency/ being a moderator/ popularity/psuedo knowledge/ho ha, arent I witty and tactful yet post no real evidence related /lack of real life outside of the net/ trench, REAL WORLD experience when in essence in real life afterbirth would look more appealing when you look at these pieces of shit.

    Yet they churn out advice as heretics.

    Strip it to the the basic fundametals...would you work whilst you were ill? Would you run your car without all cylinders firing?

    Common sense will always prevail...
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  8. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast Staff Member

    I'm hearing you Pip.

    If its just a sniffle I would probably just continue but if i'm gonna be fucked for days then I think I would be better off with lots of water, food and no gear til I am over it.
  9. tac

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    thats what Id do - I wouldnt come off or alter my hormone levels for a minor or very temporary thing, but if actually ill as in out-of-the-gym for more than a few days ill come off, cruise or switch to HRT doses if you dont fancy running PCT while ill (i wouldnt).

    As Pip says, no point revving the engine when one of the cylinders is mis-firing. Nurse it through at tick-over, or, if possible, switch it off until fixed.

    PS - I speak from experience here, at one time every cycle I ran seemed to be cursed, around the time the meds were really kicking in Id pick up a (non-training relalted) injury or illness - shoulder injury from boxing, cracked ribs from falling over, cracked sternum from a fight, viral kidney infection.... damn! Tried it both ways (coming off/staying on) and IME coming off or cruising, backing off on heavy training, and just keeping up a clean diet with a little cardio and whatever (moderate) training you can manage is definitely the way to go
  10. Paracelsus

    Paracelsus Elite Member

    I don't train when ill because a) it's counter-productive for me and b) I don't want to give anyone at the gym my cold.

    But I wouldn't think of dropping gear for those couple of days.

    That's an eloquent rant Pip, but why, scientifically, do you think it's better to come off gear for a common cold? Serious question. My opinion is that having your sex hormones up and down like a yoyo is likely to be worse for how you feel than the constant dose of the cycle you're on.

    Not that we know all that much about gear and the immune system. Test negatively impacts in one way and positively in another (cellular and humoral arm, IIRC) and I think there's some info on nandrolone as well. Oxandrolone has been given to burn victims who are not in a great physical state. But there are no studies say, comparing duration and severity of colds and infections of people on cycle, to my knowledge.

    My common sense says keep hormone levels stable unless you are actually severely ill, fair enough if yours says different!
  11. SteamroD

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    drop top a trt dose. Drop the orals.

    Coming off completely just to get back on in a week would do more harm than good. get some rest and eat well.
  12. The Love Machine

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    if you just need a tampon inserting and all will be good again in a couple of days i wouldnt stress, and leave the cycle in place

    if your gonna be out for 5+ days and feel really rough, drop to hrt dose

    you croaked it yet or recovered now?
  13. Pip

    Pip Elite Member

    Because I believe any added influx to the system is a compromise when under any added CNS stress.

    I have done both ways as well. To further add I not common gear user either, I do not use any androgens so I can only verify what I have found.

    Negative impact may therefore be minor compared to the androgen loaded user.

    I was advised a long time ago by Gary H the same thing.

    Advocated also by Paul Boressen.

    Their records speak for themselves.
  14. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast Staff Member

    Still just ticking along really. I don't feel 100% but am not too bad. I think my prognosis is pretty good!