Creatine While On Juice...

Discussion in 'Performance Enhancing Drugs' started by Clubber Lang, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Clubber Lang

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    anyone bother taking creatine with taking juice?

    i know some, even those that compete, take it daily for extra muscle volume.

    at the moment im on test, mast and dbol + bought some fancy DY creatine to drink intra-training, but wondered if its actually worth it in terms of extra volume + extra stress on kidneys and liver? Im about halfway through the tub and unsure whether to bother with another.

    use to use aminos during training, but heard and read theyre BS and waste of £? Better off with a flavoured dilute and water.

  2. Arterial Dan

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    Wouldn't train without BCAA, makes a huge difference to me.

    Have used creatine on gear - my attitude is, for the minimal cost, why not - (if it's convenient)?

    Whether you should use a fancy one is another question
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  3. spearman

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    Can you explain why Dan?
  4. Rentaghost

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    I eat a load of meat so nah I don't really see the point.

    If I didn't I'd consider it.
  5. Clubber Lang

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    got bags of bulk brand flavoured aminos to drink intra, but heard so many stories that they offer little if nothing, just a waste of $ as you get in your PWO shakes.

    tried DY tri-creatine product as ive always had a soft spot for his range. His choc ice cream Tempro with milk is gorgeous, and is cold processed, so top quality proteins. His GH Blast pre-bed supp, which i believe is now banned, but they've emailed me its being reformulated, was probably one of the best products ive ever bought, ever. Half a scoop and i was asleep within 10mins, even on tren, and got amazing REM from it.

    from the above i thought id treat myself to his creatine as wanted some mojo for training, thought if i get some fancy products it'll encourage me more, which it kinda has. I love the taste of it, cherry blast.

    main reason i originally asked this is theres a mate at the gym whos come back after training else where, he lost his kidneys through sted use. Was a heavy user for years on end, strong man stuff. Just everytime i see him i think of my own organs now and think of things putting extra stress on my kidneys, like orals, like creatine, which i know creatine can? Or is it the liver, or both? Ive cut back over the years on the amounts of everything i take, tho still never come off, but if i know an item like creatine is unnecessary while running juice and perhaps only doing damage i might as well stop it? Even lowered my current 50mg dbol to 40 lol. Might even drop it to 30mg ED on mon-friday only lol
  6. spearman

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    You ever had blood work? It's cheap and easy enough from Medichecks.
  7. Wal

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    When did creatine become damaging to the kidneys again?

    Pretty sure the latest research says it's perfectly fine.
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  9. Rentaghost

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    It's all genetics isn't it.

    If your kidneys are gonna suffer you're gonna fuck em faster using steroids. If they're not you'll prob be fine.

    Best thing you do is keen an eye on your blood pressure, don't take the piss with blasts, keep em short and sweet 6 weeks or so and stay hydrated.

    Look after that and you'll prob be ok, unless you're doomed anyway in which case you're doomed.

    Bloods a couple of times a year during heavy blast periods are prob the way to do it. If they're in range then and aren't a car crash you're prob alright the rest of the year.

    Wouldn't be concerning myself over supps like.... it's the gear that'll get you if it's gonna happen init.
  10. Clubber Lang

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