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Discussion in 'All About Training' started by s man, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. s man

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    Morning all. I seem to have a problem in my abs in that I can't train them for more than 1 set without the lower portion mainly locking up. It's absolute agony for about a minute then they slowly relax but if I tense them again they do the same. I never have any issues with compound lifts and nothing else on my body does it.

    I managed to get through a small workout on them today but new if I pushed to where I wanted to they where going to lock as they nearly did.

    Any input on what the hells going on or a remedy for this would be appreciated. It's happened on Cable crunches, knee raises, crunches and leg raises so it's not just one movement causing it.
  2. Grimnir

    Grimnir The black triangle is God

    Hernia maybe? If it is i think surgery and rest are the only options (correct me if I'm wrong)
  3. s man

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    There's no lump there or any issue during other movements like squats or deads. It's just literally when I hit abs directly and can also cause the top ones to lock instead of the lowers sometimes which pulls me away from thinking it's something like a hernia in one location and more a muscle issue. The only real thing I've found in reading is mineral or electrolyte issues causing it on other people
  4. dirtyvest

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    Your diet is quite restrictive ATM.... IIRC potassium defficiency has been linked to cramping. But either way, it will be something along those lines I suspect assuming you are keeping well hydrated
  5. CK1

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    Have you just started training abs again? I go through periods of neglecting my abs for long periods the first couple weeks back training them is always very crampy. If your the same just get doing them regularly they will adapt again
  6. Arterial Dan

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    I get the exact same thing when I'm dieting hard.

    Also more noticeable when using dry meds
  7. s man

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    @dirtyvest Potassium may be a good shout as it's something I am lacking quite badly in at the moment so I will try supplementing it and see what happens.

    @CK1 Definitely have not been focusing on my abs previous to this but the cramps are real extreme as opposed to just a real strong pump type locking feeling. If you have had the pleasure of a night cramp before then this is what it is like.

    @Arterial Dan glad it's not just me. I am running tren a and test p while also being low on carbs. Water intake is around 6L a day so I would hope I am well hydrated. I've also recently started using Peptides and Yohimbine so was hoping there would be a cushion from these. Managed to get through a session on them the other day but new if I pushed it they would lock still.
  8. CK1

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    On the floor like a tortoise unable to get up cramps I get not a pump
  9. Mass Monster

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    Went through a phase of abs cramping up, still get it once in a blue moon. For me it was electrolyte imbalance, doubled up with low potassium.

    Issue cleared up when I drank an electolyte drink and lots of water throughout workout, also ate a banana before training.

    Hope this helps you out mate.
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  10. s man

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    Sounds much the same then. Think are just take it slowly and add an electrolyte drink and see how I get on. Hopefully it'll stop in the end
  11. New Hybrid

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    i get this too with any form of sit up/crunch. try planks. rest your arms on a swiss ball and put a chain around your waist and hold for 4 sets of 30 seconds, then just up the weight or time for progression. the ball just lets you move out to the sides and back and forth so you can hit different areas, and causes you to use stabilizer muscles much more.
    they also work most of your posterior chain too as a bonus. never cramped doing these :)