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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by RAD, Jun 24, 2019.

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    Just watched JFK tonight it was one my free Portuguese box this was the film that got me into the conspiracy side of things I find it fascinating and unnerving tbh.

    Now I don't run about with a tin foil hat or anything or believe everything that's classed as a conspiracy to be true but there is certain things that do make you wonder what the hells going on.

    The governments have done a great job of making anyone who questions things to look like a nutter so a lot of people basically keep their opinions to themselves in fear of ridicule.

    Is there anything you just don't buy the government's explanation for ? And why ?
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    I just see how incompetent the govts are at most things, how little loyalty there is within party politics, how many people are needed to be 'on side' for any of these conspiracies to work and I generally find all but those that require only 1 or 2 with inside knowledge to 'fix' just are not feasibly possible. People and govts have come undone from the tiniest slip of info and so easily coerced in a taped conversation that I struggle to believe that the magnitude of cooperation, information and application for many of these theories to be successful is possible....... and to date not one conspiracy theory has been genuinely exposed (IMO, I know others are adamant some CTs are caste iron)
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    The older I get the more I realise that our entire society hinges on the belief that we are in control and know what we are doing and the older I get, the more I look around and notice that everybody is fucking winging it. Even the people we think should have a handle on things are winging it.

    The people who get on in life aren’t the most talented, they’re the best bullshitters. The ones who can lie the best and that’s what our society is now heading towards. Who’s the best bullshitter..... Nobody will fact check you anyway and if they do you just say nah they’re wrong and people will believe you based on how much they like you.

    As a result... We are probably two weeks without power away from going back to flinging our shit at each other like apes, most people are fucking morons, weak mentally or weak physically and would be nothing more than food by that point.

    The whole world around us is a fine balancing act based on the perception of power and where that lies.

    Because of this there’s a lot of dodgy shit that goes on behind the scenes to make sure this carries on and stays the way it is and a lot of bad stuff happens all over the world to keep this balance in check.

    I just accept it has to happen and is probably necessary because the alternative is a world where people make their own rules and act autonomously and that doesn’t bare thinking about given the vast majority of us are borderline or full on stupid.

    Half the people on the planet would dead within a decade if that was allowed to happen and for most of them it would be self inflicted.

    So let them do what they need to do to maintain the status quo...... It beats the alternative.
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    DV I get where your coming from I just find them really interesting I have read a lot on the JFK assassination and when you look at it in depth it raises a lot of questions tbh.I think its good to question to the official response although some get carried away and treat everything as a conspiracy.Personally I think a lot goes on behind the scenes that we will never get to know about and let's be honest even if we did know what could we possibly do about it.

    RAG That's it mate they just feed us bullshit to keep the masses happy.Its like your vote counts,your vote doesn't count the decisions have already been made we are just making you think you have a voice,like you say the vast majority are borderline or full on stupid so there's no way any government is going to act on decisions or votes made by us. Unfortunately unless your second name is Rothschild or Rockefeller your opinion or vote means nothing.

    I find conspiracy theories interesting the more I read the more I question things,I just don't buy the bullshit anymore........ Not like that's going to change anything though lol
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