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Discussion in 'Performance Enhancing Drugs' started by bazooka tooth, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. bazooka tooth

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    ok long story short iv decided to come off due to lack of funds and tbh lack of motivation training, iv been going out alot drinking recently and just enjoying my life alot more witch has impacted training to the point where iv not been training so there is verry little point in me taking gear atm, i am going to start training again but it will no long be bodybuilding style training cos tbh it no longer interest's me, i was cruising on a mil of sus every 10 days or so over the last prob 6-8 weeks so its not asif im coming off a massive cycle.....

    i dont really have the funds to throw at pct meds (nola, clomid, hcg all that shit) so was wondering if anyone has any experiances of coming off without pct) i was on for a long time prob about 18 month but as i said i did taper down to a low dose of test, any help would be useful guys....
  2. New Hybrid

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    personally ive always done one, thats not to say they were effective mind! some run test boosting supplements instead of/with pct meds but i would imagine that would likely work out at least as expensive as a regular pct.
  3. The Love Machine

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    Next time I come off I'll taper down to very little test then come off I think. Like to see how effective a pct is
  4. bazooka tooth

    bazooka tooth Senior Member

    i know there is a few bodybuilder's who think pct is bullshit and it does more bad than good tbh
  5. Deads

    Deads because i like to pull, ay it

    I thought alot of it was down to preventing gyno rebound aswel?
  6. freeline

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    you will recover in time.

    if you can get your nut round the fact that you will lose some gains then youre golden. its more mental for me. if youre not interested in the gym and not living that "lifestyle" then perhaps you wont be as bothered and then youre already half way there.
  7. itsdave

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    I'm not that educated with all this, but either way 18 months is a long time to be on. I'd want to be finishing up with a PCT if I was on that long for sure. You'll be really shut down, and it'll take a long time to recover.. even if it was a small cycle it's still going to shut you down completely
  8. NM1

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    IMO you will crash bad without any HCG in after 18 months.
  9. bazooka tooth

    bazooka tooth Senior Member

    so do you think hcg is the only thing il need?
  10. SteamroD

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    Id get the HCG in before you come off. you have tapered down now which is a plus.
  11. Biffa_Bacon

    Biffa_Bacon Elite Member

    I was on 18 months and came off last xmas, ran a few blasts of hcg then did 50 day pct.

    20mg nolva

    50mg clomid

    25mg proviron

    shitloads creatine and trib and horney goat weed.

    long and short of it that it felt like it did fuck all, my dick died for a few weeks and i lost loads of strength and size. a lot of it is psychological so just get on with it, youll lose loads with or without a pct imo.

    i dont know how well myne worked, but i dont have a control to compare it with, if you ask me, id run pct anyways, for what ti will cost you is worth it.
  12. New Hybrid

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    i cant run hcg without serms an or an AI due to the gyno it causes for me.
  13. bazooka tooth

    bazooka tooth Senior Member

    like i said tho bro im struggling with coin buying hcg,clomid,nolva and proviron as well as the natural supps u said is going to set me back bout £100 witch is alot to someone who's skint as fuck lol
  14. danny187

    danny187 Elite Member

    Why dont you get ROHM PCT caps, all in one and I found them great when on them for 30 days

    There cheap enough, forget the natty supps
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  15. Biffa_Bacon

    Biffa_Bacon Elite Member

    i would at least by some nolva and clomid, less than half what you mentioned should buy that. i know theres no absalute proff but it may help you keep gains and prevent an embarrasing moment next time you try to shag the mrs! shit it happened to me even with those pct meds, so dread to think what it would be like without them!