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    on your death bed i hear you regret the things you didnt do more than what you did do, so feck it, get me a bottle lol

    jabbed some dec and test-e sunday, then sunday night i had some sniff, 1.5g, so didnt make gym today. It was free and strong so had to try, been months, and TBF that'll be it for a few months now. Took about 8 diaz to put me to sleep, so slept most of today, i think its sunday.

    in my defence saturdays all day Garage event was horrible. So much trouble. Was terrible. 800 people from every rough estate in Leicester all under one roof with hard Garage music, all coked off theyre tits. Door got rushed, then got threatened to be knifed before we smashed him outside when he wasnt with his 'boys'. He shit it once he realised hes on his own and got dropped, faggot! Hes a nob. This guy stabbed a few people outside a night club a few months back, only to then get jumped by those people and put into a coma, smashed him in properly, thought he'd learn but.... Soon as i saw his face drop after one of our Polish lads dropped him something instantly clicked in my head, hes nothing, threatens everyone when hes with his mates but on his own hes fuck all, so i absolutely unleashed hell on him, verbally destroyed him in front of everyone on the street, called him a pussy hole, twat, cunt, your feckin no one et. He tried to punch me but totally missed so when i went to go for him he backed right off. I was actually shaking with rage. What an absolutely cunt. And who came out to help him, no one, cus later we find the 20 lads he was with inside dont like him, hes one of those people that doesnt get an invite but tags along. So gives it stacks with his group, but one on one, he shrank, shit it big time. I now have zero fear of him. I cant wait to see him next. Gonna ruin him!

    Best thing was, later than night we dropped the Polish doorman off at a late bar for Eastern European people and our guy was head doorman there. 2am we got a phone call, this nob from before pulled up outside the venue, got out, saw the Polish guy who dropped him. The Pole then tapped a few other Poles on the shoulder and pointed at this guy, they all started to walk towards him and he jumped back into the taxi and fucked off quickly LOL.

    was a horrible day tho. 800 people from every rough estate with 6 door lads. Promoter got his arse chewed off by my boss as he had to come down with other units as 6 for 800 people is madness! Was bad last year but this year, 10x worse. I dont think our door firm will provide staff again, its not worth the hassle, let someone else deal with all the coked up scum. Worst shift ive ever done! 2pm start till 11pm with hard garage. So Solid Crew turned up, so was just a coked up mad house. Everyone sucking on balloons too. Fuck that again!
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    I just pinned 1ml of test base in oil about an hour pre gym today. Didn’t really notice anything to me fair. Maybe due to it being in oil and prob slower release than suspension.
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    Fcukin hell that garage event sounds like a right head fcuk,that kid sounds like he's on borrowed time tbh,put in a coma and still letting his mouth go yeah he's not got long.

    8 Diaz to put you to sleep it must have been good stuff lol

    And with that spearman has just crushed my dream that test base was going to be the fountain of youth ......dammit lol
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    Test-Base not water based then? Thought it would be? If its oil i think i'll pass.

    I still remember AP Androxine....feck me that was a med! Never had strength like it!
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    yeah was nice sniff, free too! Shame only 1.5g and not the usual 3.5 i get in lol.

    i had about 4 diaz a few hours into sniffing, so they kinda start kicking in when you want them too, rather than having your last line then taking them and waiting forever to fall asleep lol.

    Missus is doing well with her coach. Been one week today, or yesterday, but already lost around 9lb i think, or something around that. Basically lost the weight cutting crap out. Her training routine is brutal, especially legs, but thats what she asked for, bigger stronger legs.

    Made the decision to jump on board with the same PT too. Got the missus to text him yesterday asking if there was room for 1 more, me. Saw him today as hes at my gym Thursdays, he came over after a client and said we're G2G. Timed it right as hes prepping for Mr Uni in Nov so doesnt want too many clients at the moment due to him concentrating on his comp, which is fair enough, but has room for me.
    TBH i need his help, ive lost my way over the years, diets slipped, training seems repetitive, doing the same exercises all the time etc. I dont even count reps, i just do 3/4 sets on whatever and every set i just lift till failure really, so need a fresh start with it all. Need direction. If its all written in front of me, diet and training, and someone checking on me then im sure my focus will return. Just gotta work with him and get round injuries, so should be good.
    Starting mid Sept as were away from the 7th for a week, need to escape to Devon and do nothing but drink, eat, walk the dog, watch the surfers, drink, eater more and repeat. Get back from that and concentrate on training again.
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    I quit the Diaz a couple of weeks back and what a twat that turned into.I was on it constantly though for about a year so that's to be expected but what a nasty withdrawal will be avoiding it now like the plague shame as its cheap as fook over here and no prescription needed as long as you have a convincing sob story LOL.

    Sounds like you've made a good move there looking at how your Mrs has progressed in such little time he's well on the ball.And you seem to be stuck in a rut so this is the boost you need to get back into it again.Devon trip sounds like just what you need tbh that's exactly what I fcukin need just to get the hell away from all the BS for a while enjoy it mate.

    Now what you need to do is to post in here the exact info on training and diet your pt provides you with everyday .For your own records........honestly haha!!

    Feeling better off dropping the mast?
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    yeah need to get out the rut, but not till after Devon, have a blow out. Not even going to change anything from now till then as thats only cheating when he asks for a 5 day what i eat list. Its like knowing you have the dentist next week so start bushing your teeth more lol. Rather be 100% honest and then see better gains.

    will do a journal but not copying and pasting his diet and training routine, costing me £100 + another 100 for my sodding missus each month lol. Might has him if theres a couples discount ha

    mast-e....needs are getting better, Be doing 1ml Dec 1ml Test-e Mon, Wed and Fridays so hopefully Deca will lube my joints up.

    Coach recommended this for my missus as she has bad knees, but since shes been doing more leg exercises her knee muscles so to speak and strengthened and not getting much pain from them now, so i think im gonna use this supp myself. Hes heard great things about it from his clients and is waiting to use it himself. Only just come back in stock, mine should be here today. Will save till needed as its expensive;
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    No mate it’s in oil. If it’s in water then it’s suspension.
    Same ester, but much slower due to oil. Made my gyno flair up!
  9. RAD

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    Makes sense have a blow out then get back into it properly will be good to see how you get on with his advice and monitoring. I found this myself if I write stuff down (training and meal plans) I tend to do a lot better than just free balling it.

    Surely there's a two for one offer to be had lol

    See how you get on with that supplement be good to know if it makes a noticeable difference as joint pain is something I suffer from regularly so if it works I would be interested in it.
  10. Clubber Lang

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    will do.
    Im not 100% sure whether its joint pain or tendon. My tendons above knee caps on both legs great sore and dry. I had to stop the mast-e quite quickly cus it fecking crippled me. Switched to deca and test-e.
    When i see my coach for a one to one chat before starting ive made a list of issues i have, injuries etc, including what feels like dry tendons. He might recommend or include certain supps to help. I know theyres a Injury section in his questionnaire feedback i have to fill in. Def telling him in not coming off steds, not going T-Total for anything, will be staying on juice.
    Also will be mentioned by libido, its still fucked from the DHB. Got not dirty thoughts going through my mind at all, struggling to keep a boner and even bust my nut in the missus. Hopefully he'll have to ideas to help, things to take etc.
    Cant wait to crack on with it, see what diet he gives and training plan he passes me.
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    I am carefully monitoring my mast e for the same reason so far I have increased the dose and seen better results mentally,energy,libido etc hopefully this new dose will nail things down for once

    Can't help feeling your libido has something to do with estradiol levels only because when I fucked mine up I felt basically the same.But tbh your coach will know a hell of a lot more than me and will get you sorted right out.

    One thing I have noticed since being on mast is my cum load has hit ridiculous levels pumping more out than Peter North lmao
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    What dose mast you on? Suprised how you say more mast increases your energy never heard of a steroid doing that!
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    Thats for @RAD btw
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    Ronnie before I started trt my energy levels amongst other things were trashed to fcuk proper couldn't do much at all just exhausted all the time.Went on test e and they slowly recovered a bit but not where they should be.Did a bit research and a lot of the lads on trt were running low dose mast alongside their test and said the results were really good.Something to do with increasing the free test available and helping keep estrogen down.

    Decided to run Mast e at 100mgs a week plus my test e at the same dose and see what happens so far like I said things are getting much better than running the test alone and energy levels are getting more and more back to normal so its so far been a good addition.

    Its not on the same level as popping speed and raving your tits off lol ,but got to admit there's a definite increase.
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    Cheers mate!
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