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    had a piss up last sunday, door lads/best mates. God i still feel shit now lol. Was messy.

    My mate got dropped off at mine at 130pm and we drank near half a bottle of Berry Circo in a glass each before leaving at 2pm. Got into the city and started to terrorise the place lol. We went to one bar and went outside to find no seating available, but there was a furniture shop next door so went there with our drinks and sat down lol. Burger King was glad to see the back of us with lads going behind the counter as food was taking too long. It all ended in a bar i cant remember where drinking shot after shot, champagne and more vodka. My best mate was hammered, head on his arms on the bar bless him. Bar staff were cool, tho they did say they have a panic alarm if anything cracks off pmsl. I think it was 8pm when we got outside and by then there world was spinning and i was seeing double. Taxi time!

    apparently i was scratching on the front door for the missus to let me in, then collapsed on the bed with the missus trying to undress me as i got stuck in my polo shirt. She said i kept throwing a plastic bag she gave me to be sick in back at her laughing. Then passed out. God knows how id be sick in a plastic bag i dont know, need a bucket. Wasnt sick so that was good. Didnt have a headache but felt weak as piss and even today i feel weak.

    was the first time in about 2 years we've been out drinking like that. Be another 2 years before i do it again lol
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    i made it to the gym this morning......stayed in the car, put the chair back and went to sleep for an hour lol

    woke up and went inside to see if the missus had finish training.

    i'll start training tomorrow lol
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    FPMSL Now that's what I call a session at the gym

    Still recovering from your piss up ? Sitting in the furniture shop FLOL
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    i didnt feel right/normal till wednesday lol. Didnt have a hangover or headache, just felt flat and lifeless. Been 2 years since we've had a piss up like that, think it'll be another two years before i do it again lol.

    seen more pictures people have posted up. My door boss missus took a pic of him with his head in his hands over the toilet lol. We're too old now i think. Bonus was we didnt start sniffing, was just booze. Thank God really cus sniff on top of all that booze id be hanging for a week! lol
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    Ain't that the truth getting older sucks ass big style LOL.

    I was thinking about this a couple of days ago my training at the minute is a pile of shit I need at least two days rest between sessions to recover and the weights I struggle like fuck with tbh are pitiful I even have to run a full body twice a week as I couldn't do a 4 day split these days.My mind seems at least two steps ahead of my body and I am on roids ffs .I should be blasting the weights and walking about with a permanent hard on lol

    This Mast e better work I won't be fcukin happy if it doesn't

    I have been waking up with a numb dick lately so according to Dr google I either have prostrate cancer or ms just gets better LMAO
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    lol.... thats just gonna get me paranoid now lol. Hope my libido is back to normal over the next few weeks. Ive only had low sex drive since using DHB, and ive dropped that now.
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    Your paranoid I wasn't sure if my Mrs had grew a dick and that's what I had hold of instead lol.

    Did my first jab of mast last night and woke up with a raging hard on that just wouldn't go down just need the twisted and perverted thoughts to go with it and my libido will be back to normal lol.So far its looking promising though.
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    ditto! lol
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    LOL They reckon Mast is the pornstars drug of choice ,how can you go wrong with that sort of recommendation,I am upping my dose LMAO

    So what you running now ?
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    well i actually managed to bust my nut in the missus the other night, took a lot of focus tho lol. Had her in all sorts of positions and tied her up at one point. She was happier than i was when i came LOL. Still had to have a full 100mg viagra tablet a hour beforehand. It goes up alright, just not getting the usual dirty thoughts in my head so im lasting longer and run out of stamina lol.

    I wanna try Test-Base, heard that'll put some lead in your pencil lol.

    currently running 1ml NP Mast-e 250mg with 1ml Sphinx Test-e 300mg EOD. Having 50mg NP Var ED with 4iu Ansomone GH pre-training. Im waiting on my mate to get restocked cus im pacing with what bottles i have left. When my guys got some goodies back in i wanna push up the Mast-e to around 1G EW, maybe 1ml more, and thinking of swapping Test-e for TT400. Dropped all the Prov and Adex, give myself a break from those. Wanna go back to basics, always work for me in the past.

    might have to drop the GH, getting terrible dry knees since coming off the DHB and swapping to Mast. Ive just started the GH when i started the Mast, so either the GH is drying my joints or the Mast is, or both, but my knees are painful now. I didnt get any knee pain when i was running test and dec with the GH before my DHB cycle, so could be the Mast that making them hurt?
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    Nice one I bet that was a relief to be back in the game LOL My libido is still wavering about just need to give the mast a few weeks to do its stuff although had a right twisted dream last night so its doing something.

    Test-base sounds awesome keep me posted on this one lol

    Strange one on the knee pain I have experienced that low estradiol can cause this when I crashed mine with a AI I could hardly sodding walk felt like gravel in my knees, as mast can have a anti estrogen effect it could well be worth a look at lowering the dose a bit and see if it makes any difference.Just a thought.
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    gonna ask my source if he can get Test-Base, its not on his list but might know a guy who knows a guy... Heard its painful as fuck tho lol.

    im sure the Mast dries tendons out, sure i read that before in the past and why i dont or havent ran it for years, always used Deca as i dont bloat on Deca like others, i fill out quite nicely. Ive just finished a bottle of Mast-e and found 3/4 of a bottle of Deca in my draw, so gonna just jab Test-e today, not opening my last bottle of Mast-e, see how my knees are over the weekend and if still painful i'll drop the Mast and use the Deca. Or i might drop the GH and carry on with the Mast and see if its the GH thats drying my knees out.

    lol @ lowering the dose......your funny, your a funny guy lol.

    Missus has her first coach now :) Josh Maley AKA The Viking. Won Mr Uni in 2017, or 16, one of the two. Going for it again this Nov so should be interesting.

    Took the missus to see him last Thursday for a get to know ya, then he sent all the paperwork over for her to answer and fill in. Got back to her on Tuesday or Wednesday this week with her diet and training plan + he sent about 3x 10min WhatsApp voice mails going over everything page by page. He know his stuff when you hear him. Has a Sports Science degree but still sounds very impressive with his comments and knowledge.
    Given her B-Spoke diet to suit working and non working days, so different foods and amounts to last her while working to when hes not working and has all day. Training plan looks brutal but again its based on the goals she wants, she wants the CrossFit look, huge quads, traps and abs, so no bikini skinny crap which surprised him as thats what most females are after, so hes just as excited in seeing her progression as she is lol.
    She has weekly sheets to fill out and send him, covers everything, mood, sleep patterns, cravings, how many times she takes a shit, bloating, sense of well being, possible injuries, recovery, DOMS, list goes on.
    TBH for £100 a month its pretty fecking good! Well, we'll find out.

    If it works for her after a few months, as nothing will happen over night, im tempted to see what he can do for me. Ive kinda lost my way some days in terms of diet and need a fresh outlook on training routines, but TBH i am carrying a few feck injuries all the time.....cus im old and crippled lol
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    Funny? Funny how? What the way I talk?........ goodfellas awesome film LOL

    Strange you mention the bloat this test e has got me bloated to hell for some reason hoping that chucking in the mast will sort this out.

    Had a quick look at that test base yeah your right they do reckon its painful also got to jab the stuff everyday...... Jury's still out on this one lol

    That viking sounds like he knows his stuff also such a detailed training plan etc for that type of money sounds like your onto a winner tbh Be good to see how your Mrs gets on with him onboard now.

    Mate join the club I am old and my body is falling to bits lol, the thing I struggle with over here is the heat it totally knacks my diet and training just can't be arsed to do either.Especially with all the graft I have on at the minute really need to sort this out.

    Apart from drying the shit out of your joints how you finding the mast? I have a couple of improvements so far mood seems better,muscles feel fuller and seem to pump up easier,weird perverted dreams and wake up with some serious hard ons, thing is libido is basically still crap although its only been a week and they reckon to give it at least a month to settle in.
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    yeah i think shes found a really good couch. She has daily sheets to fill in covering toilet trips, colour of pee, mood swings, DOMS etc, i thought it was weekly but its daily! He wants a weeks worth sending to him at a time to monitor everything. She how it goes and how are body changes over the next few months. Shes after the crossfit look, she really likes the physique of Danni Speegle....hope she gets it cus i wouldnt say no to her lol

    Mast-e.....great pumps and volume from it. Did back thursday and blasted my arms on the preacher. I dont do much or any bicep work sometimes as A the pulling exercises from back are enough, and B usually by the time ive finished back my forearms are at burst point. But i did hammer the machine preacher with a few sets all till failure and biceps were massive, so the Mast does work well.

    Downside, painful knees from Mast. It does try you tendons out, like winny, so after taking to a ProCard holder i know im gonna reduce Mast-e to 500mg EW but add 2ml, 500/600mg Dec in there too. + i will swap from Test-e to TT400, do 3ml of that. If after adding the Dec my knees are still hurting i'll have to drop the Mast completely. I cant even sit in my car and drive without them hurting.

    my mates asking about the Test-Base, so wil let you know if i get it. I know hes got a lot on at the moment so see what happens. He says Sphinx do it but its not on his list as doesnt get asked for, but i suppose if they do it and hes ordering in i could be cheeky as see if he can grab a bottle.
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    Just googled Danni Speegle ......yeah I can see where your coming from lol if only my Mrs would have ambitions like that instead of the menopausal murderess she is now !!

    Its not sounding to good your run on the mast unfortunately but if its doing that to your knees I would just drop it tbh,I am going to be upping my dose of mast over the next few weeks like for like with my test e I have had a slight positive effect off it but I think it needs to go up tbh will give it a month then go up,The t400 sounds like a good shout I have looked at running a blend just to cover all the bases also because I run small amounts it would give me more shots per bottle win win lol

    Yeah keep me posted on the test really are a bad influence LOL