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    This means we can all up the dose
    Cheers club
  2. Clubber Lang

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    LOL! as my doctor said, "its not a green light" pmsl

    Did 2ml DHB with test today, and will again friday, so back to my cycle. Will carry on with 400mg DHB and 600mg test-e EW with 2x Adex ew. No var, dbol, naps and even proviron, just gonna stick with the above cycle.

    its the missus im more worried about now. I know its hit her hard, but i feel its not the AAS but her daily meds for OCD and pain relief. The more i ask people who use killers for pain as well as reccys they say they are terrible for liver damage :/

    at the moment theres nothing i can really do, not till her next few bloods are taken as the Doc needs blood results without AAS but keeping everything else the same, so can compare. I thought about buying some Liv52 DS and starting her on that, unsure if they actually work, but it'll effect her results. So all i can do is try to reassure her and keep her eating and training while staying postive.

    her terrible cholesterol is another thing i need to research into eventually. She eats clean, much cleaner than me, so has to be the steds that given her bad chol. Again once the next bloods are taken and we see what the crack is i'll perhaps look into asking around for a proper made diet for her, see what foods she can eat that'll increase good chol and lower the bad.

    i might treat her to a Spa day with a friend. Try and cheer her up. Dont want her getting down. She was in such a positive place before that phone call from the GP. Everyone was saying in the gym how well shes looking and changed. Lifting more than some blokes in here!

    im still stunned at my results TBH. Will ask my Doc if i can have bloods taken every 6 months, see what he says.
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    Mad that on the kidneys mate, never seen that before in a lad your size!

    Did you have a break from training
    Or Summat?

    Good news though, feels good to know you’re not fucked doesn’t it!
  4. Clubber Lang

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    no break, havent totally been off juice for over a decade. Always been on, either low test and full cycle.

    was 3 weeks into my new cycle when bloods were taken. And straight before that, no break, i was on 800mg tt400 with 600mg Dec, which i started with 100mg Naps then switched to 100mg Var.

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  5. RAD

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    The test is test enanthate I do 100mgs sub q split over two 50mg doses (sun/wed) although I feel it should be higher so going up to 125mgs a week.

    I remember that Morrison's security guard story it is fuckin ridiculous having to wait for a test like that my head was in bits.

    Hope your Mrs gets her levels down, her anxiety must going through the roof fingers crossed her next test will come back better.

    Unbelievable results you got back you must be well relieved ,Its a sensible approach your taking now though.
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    Ace that then mate, guessing they ran the right tests then which shows the fella knows what he’s doing!

    Just goes to show doesn’t it, body can take a lot and still hold up well enough. Happy days, big relief.

    Shame about the Mrs coming back but cholesterol and liver are both ones you can deal with diet as you say, liver might have took a battering if she’s been on the piss recently.

    If she’s on var or winstrol then lipids are always usually gonna be out?
    They both knocked my values off within a week and mine never move, ever

    You’ve got it in hand anyway, few weeks off and retest and she’ll probably get a favourable result. If not worry about it then but it’s not the worst result for the girl so don’t let her worry too much.
  7. Clubber Lang

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    cheers mate,
    we're not drinkers so no booze damage so to speak. 99% sure its the painkillers she takes ED for years on end. Id be extremely surprised if her liver values drop much from stopping 10mg of var ED with 50mg NPP EW. She took 40mcg Clen ED too. Have to wait and see.

    was looking into improving good Chol, diet and lifestyle changes etc. Shes not a fish eater, were as i like my smoked salmon, so need to increase her fish intake or find some good Omega supps for her. Olive oil on foods, fresh blueberries and or purple foods i can sort. But the obv ones she already does, trains/exercise, she doesnt smoke, her body weight is high but then its muscle, not fat. Have to see how her Chol tests come back next time when clean from steds and then go from there.

    taking her back to the gym today, will push her hard, as normal. Get her mind off it and refocus on training. She wasnt too bad yesterday but keeps telling herself every time she takes her daily prescription meds shes damaging herself. But it cant be helped at the moment.
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  8. Clubber Lang

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    quick update.
    missus is fine now, not worrying as much as she was, she knows in herself its the painkillers thats causing the high liver values and they can be adjusted. We have a great GP so nothing to worry about. What i am getting is the...."do i still look good" bollocks now shes stopped her mini low dose juice lol. Im like FFS, shut the fuck up lol. Got a few more weeks then get her fresh bloods done and go from there.
    What did make her feel better is when we was talking to our gym owner who won his ProCard last year, he did bloods straight after winning it and his liver was 447! lol. Dropped down to 90 within 4 weeks, so everything is fixable.

    my first DHB cycle is going fairly well. Started it, then fucked my back up, but now back but avoided or training light on certain things, but what shocked me is the weight ive put on. Started at 18.6 or 18.7, put some lbs on, then got injured so didnt train so food intake fell, then hot weather kicked in that killed my appetite, yet yesterday after breakfast and got to the gym id shot up to 19st!

    i dropped my Var, Nap and GH when my back got fucked, alway dropped Prov. Just kept with my Adex and DHB and Test-e so i didnt crash. Got the scales i thought id be back to my starting weight, but no, 19stone bang on! Cant wait till my backs fixed and can lift properly again.

    downside to DHB, sure its shut me down. Might have to start 100mg Prov again as im having to have half a cialis tab ED to keep the missus smiling lol.
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  9. RAD

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    Good news on the Mrs bet she's well relieved.

    19st and no training you need to get back fixed as soon as or its gastric band next.

    Your Mrs sex drive is through the roof .......what's she taking? Is it orals that can be ground up and mixed with food ?
  10. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    im training but not at 100%, have to be careful, but im 19st in a good way. The DHB is mint, look fuller and bigger with pump. Be interesting to see what i can do when my backs 100%.

    missus has always had a big sex drive, moans when she doesnt get it, comes out with crap like "dont you find me attractive anymore", when its been like 1 day without a shag lol. Sure sex is part of her OCD routine lol.

    do feel the DHB has shut me down tho. Started on 100mg Sphinx Prov today, so see what happens. Im only taking 600mg Test-e, Sphinx, so could find room to increase to 900mg.
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  11. RAD

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    She's a keeper mate lol

    So what have you done to your back? I have just flared my sciatica right up again screwed my training up yet again.

    That dhb sounds like a two edged sword
  12. Clubber Lang

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    fecked my back up being a nob. My plantar fascia injury was near enough healed, so decided to start doing pressing again. Over excited on a monday morning i went onto the leg press and last set i brought the weight too far to my chest so my arse lifted up off the bench/seat, curled up basically, then pop, as i lowered the weight to much i felt something move to the right around my waist line on my back. Instantly fecked myself up. School boy error.

    pulled my back in exactly the same place about 10 years ago. Dropped my tape measure at work and bent over to pick it up, bosh, back went. Lasted weeks. Got a horrible dull ache now, cant get comfy at night when im sat down. Taking anti-inflams but TBH 10mg Diaz works well, takes the edge of the pain and relaxes the muscles around the injury.

    seem to be always carrying a injury these days.
  13. RAD

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    Sounds nasty mate especially feeling something move about inside.I do think once you injure your back it creates a weakness that is prone to go.

    I slipped a disc when I was 11yrs old break dancing (yeah I know lol) anyway since then I get sciatica flare ups regularly and its always something mundane that sets it off last week I was sawing a post and just stood up and wham huge electric shock pain that had me scared to fcukin move, its only now slowly subsiding.

    Just remember to strap the hell out of it when training from now on advice I should take myself lol
  14. Clubber Lang

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    LOL...break dancing! Was that back in the 80's?? lol

    yeah ive got a big 10/11mm thick power lifting belt in my car. Havent used it in years as i dont squat or deadlift anymore due to my back, before it went again. Will try wearing it again in a few sessions time when im either hack squating or doing seated military press etc. See if it helps.

    one of the female staff at the bar i do the doors at told me to do some yoga moves, Cobra etc. Shes fit as fuck so asked for a video of her doing it to show me......God i hope she does, requested hot pants lol
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    Yeah back in the 80's I was midway through my windmills when my disc went.. I was in fcukin agony lol I remember my mam put my bedroom door under my mattress as she reckon it would keep my back straight and help the recovery it was like sleeping on the pavement LMAO.

    I am going to wear my belt for bloody everything, I am now training with wrist supports,elbow sleeves,a knee brace and now also a belt. Maybe I should give all this up as a bad job !!

    Hotpants LOL... If she does do you a video could you send me a copy?........for rehab reasons honest LMFAO!