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    Well it looks like Spring is in the air so its about time i get off the winter eat anything you want diet and get trimmed again.

    Been looking forward to this cycle for a good few weeks now. Havent been 100% into my training since NY, mixture of the usual winter colds thats sucks the life out of you, but mostly down to a recurring injury in my right knee. Over the years both my knees have played up, ive had tendonitius in my left knee, pain was beyond belief, and now i have tendon and possible ligament issues in my right knee, which ive been having treatment twice a week for a number of weeks to help with recovery. Things have improved enough to start properly training again, tho leg work outs i'll keep to low weight high reps to avoid injury again, or undoing what the Physio has done. Havent touched legs properly in i think 5 weeks!


    Due to my lax training over this period my diet became relaxed too, as you can see in my starting pics. Since NY my diet has been 50/50 in terms of healthy eating and junk food, but i think the time off has done me some good. I dont normally have any breaks from the gym so roughly two months of training twice per week rather than my usual four has probably been abit of a bonus, as ive got that excitment, hunger and aggression back, so should be good [​IMG]

    My plan is to try and cut up, aim for that Spartan 300 look ha, with a combo of pharma T3s, Alpha Pharma Sust, Parabolin (Tren-Hex), and new ProChem Tri-Tren. Might include some Winny near the end, BF% depending. Ive read and heard a lot of people praising Parabolin (Human grade Trenbelone) so been itching to try it for a number of months, so ive got some in and ready to go. I wanted to try this combination of meds as if successful i'll be using it again over Summer or as a Pre-Holiday cycle, if i decide to go away anywhere this year. I also have some DNP on hand.

    My Spring Cycle looks like this;

    Mon; 1x amp Sust & 1x Parabolin
    Tues; 1ml Tri-Tren
    Wed; 1x Sust & 1x Para
    Thurs; 1ml Tri-Tren
    Friday, 1x Sust & Para
    Saturday/Sunday; 1ml Tri-Tren

    50mcg T3 ED
    DNP, if i choose to use it'll be 1x 200mg cap per day doing 7 days on 7 off.

    Unsure of the length of time i'll be on cycle, depends on what results i get, but aiming for no longer than 8 weeks.

    My Journal starts today, but i did start the meds middle of last week to get the ball rolling, aswell as using that week to get rid of all my junk food out of the cupboards and buying healthy foods in. Dropped a lot of junk out of my diet last week too, and must admit its already made a slight difference. Had 6 minutes on the sunbeds aswell, which made me feel better. Not looking at a saggy pale body, just a saggy body lol.


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    First day in the gym, was buzzing! Ipod fully charged with all fav tracks blasting out, good to be back! Was training on my own today, partner couldnt make it, but TBH i think it was better without him, was in a non stop mood, no time for chatting!

    Could tell how long it had been since i properly trained today. First set on BB Press and Christ my shoulder joints were sore and painful. Felt extremely dry. Struggled with a warm up set, really had to push through it. Whether is because i havent done that Movement for some time or the fact that all the deca from my last cycle was out my system i dont know, but it was bloody painful! ha. Everything else, np, just shoulder press.

    Be using this week to find my bearings again with weights and reps etc.

    Jabbed Sust & Para in right delt, smooth as owt, straight in without any need to stop. Starting jabbing last week aswell as taking the T3s, already noticed that last night i was warm, so imagine tren sweats will come shortly, and nightmares [​IMG]


    Smith machine presses;

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    Good stuff will follow with interest as always
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    yesterdays diet looked like this through the day;

    Breakfast; Dorian Yates Formass 4x scoops with 1x Burgen bread slice (dry).

    50g whey shake (with 2.5g HMB), rice cakes, green banana.

    12pm Lunch; 150g chicken pieces in wholemeal pitta. Light spread of low fat mayo.

    200g chicken, 100g Cous Cous.

    Train 330pm; 50g whey shake (with 2.5g HMB), banana.

    Dinner 5pm; 200g chicken, 100g Cous Cous.

    100g mix Protein Pancakes.

    1x bag Beef Jeeky.

    50g whey shake (with 2.5g HMB).


    Think the tren has started to kick in. I got black listed from Morrisons last night lol. Went in with the missus to grab some food, was starving, pee'd off id be stuck in traffic for ages cus of rush hour, got to the check out with my basket and only 3 tills were on in the whole store! Ques all the way up the aisle with people holding loads of items. Dont know if any of you shop at a Morrisons but in terms of staff levels theyre ****e! Always work on a shoe string budget. Tight ****s. Anyways i ended up pumping my basket in the nearest shelf, grabbed my missus and climbed over a barrier to get out. Feck waiting. Staff saw me and later a friend who i know who works there txted me saying they've black listed me lol. Was tempted to throw
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    Netto lol
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    Tren rage lmao
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    its horrible in side my local store, full of trampy gits, aswell as everything being tightly packed together, cant get 2x trolleys aside down some aisles, feel trapped and aggressive lol. Then theres the dull and depressing colour, green and yellow.......great! ha

    mick, i just dont like waiting for things, not when they can be making life easier for everyone.

    never going back! lol
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    Rest day today, so tempted to go and do some abs but decided against, still sore from monday lol.

    Just been chilling. Went out to get some healthy snacks, had a quad jab, usual Wednesday TBH  ha

    Bought some chocolate Snack a Jacks for treats during the day and between meals, plain rice cakes can be sooo boring. Got some oat crisps too.


    diet today looked like;

    730am, DY Formass + 25mcg T3, glucosamine chondroitin , flaxseed, B-Complex, collagen
    930am BBW flapjack
    1030am 50g BBW protein with 2.5mg HMB
    1130am, 140g turkey pieces in wholemeal sandwhich, light mayo
    130pm, 100g cous cous, 200g chicken,  25mcg T3, glucosamine chondroitin, flaxseed, B-Complex, collagen
    530pm, 300g lean mince, small hand full rice noodles
    7pm 50g BBW protein with 2.5mg HMB

    Later ive got rice cakes with some cottage cheese and pineapple. Protein, with HMB, shake pre-bed.

    Noticed abit of Trensomia starting to happen. Im waking up at 3am ish and struggling to get back to sleep straight away. Feel fresh in the mornings tho.

    Also feel pumped. Upper body just feels more solid. Missus says it looks harder too. Cant wait for the following weeks! :)
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    tren rage at a shite supermarket brand lol

    maybe they wouldnt loose money if they actually had staff to take your money! ha
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    was reading that earlier and you came into my mind i burst out laughing you throwing a tren induced rage and throwing the basket down.

    The one local to me is full of creatures so i tend not to bother lol
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    ours is the same, full of scum. Its a dark cramped disgusting store, then after fighting your way down the aisles every checkout, which isnt many, are rammed!


    2mins drive down the road is a new Asda, is mint! Massive inside and more checkouts open then you'll ever need + the self checkouts dont break or have to call for assistant with every other item scanned!

    Missus mum and bro works at our store and the morale is wank. HR does nothing and they all work on a shoe string budget. Morrisons even cut theyre staff 10% discount card to 5% recently......wankers!

    Fecking hate Morrisons!  lol

    oh, Journal update....had trensomnia last night and some well weird dreams. Was driving my car into a river at one point as it turned into a boat! lol. Woke up 3/4 times needing a pee and duvet was wet from sweat. Had to wash them. Only been on just over a week ha.

    new PC Tri-Tren;

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    We are lucky we have a massive aldi with plenty of space so we get most of our bits from there tbh.

    Also within 10min we have a asda megastore, sainsburys and tesco spolit for choice tbh,
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    First leg day in absolutely ages today. Nearly cramped up after my second set on leg press, hamstring were extremely tight. Everything aches now lol, cant wait for a shower and then slowly lower myself into a nice cold bed, gonna be a great feeling! lol

    Starting to get night sweats and trensomnia now. Woke up about 3/4 times in a cold sweat, wasnt nice!. Was up around 3am after waking from a bizarre dream and struggled nodding off again. Peeing like a trooper too. 4x last night lol. Will be dropping an electrolyte into my water bottle for my bedside table tonight.

    Jabbed 1ml Tri-Tren today, glute shot. Saving my other quad for 2.5ml of sust and para tomorrow.

    Considering getting some 10mg AP Anavar too, or Unigen. Heard, and seen with Unigen Var, great reports from these.

    Will place my ice pack on my knee tonight in bed too. Just help treat my knee alittle.

    Didnt break any records today, wasnt planning to. Knees held up ok, so far so good.


    Leg extensions

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    Careful with that leg mate
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    yeah going steady on it bud thanks  :cool: