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    Just wondering if anyone knows if CC are still operational under a different name or if other companies exist that do gear testing at prices that aren't eye watering. Pretty sure this is not against the rules to ask? I should know but recall the discussion was open on all sites until it became clear there were ulterior motives, tampering etc.

    I know the whole thing became a bit of a joke a few years back with labs trying to screw each other over but I would like to get a few things tested just for myself, no ulterior motives and wondering if any such service exists. Basically just want to have testosterone and tren tested. That's really it. As long as they are in the ballpark mg/ml wise then I am happy. I'd obviously report back any horrific findings but I shouldn't imagine that I will find any from 2/3 samples. Need a service that measures the dosage. Wedinos was useful to a degree but I know that the test is test and that the tren is tren so that sort of service is not what I am after now.
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    was it CC that got taken off UKM due to complaints about dodgy testing and results? I know labs were making poor quality products on purpose and sending them to be tested under the name of a diffferent lab to hurt theyre reps.
    Also knew of someone who sent 2x samples of the same med out the same bottle, but labelled one the actual lab, then the other sample a different name to fool them. Both results came back different !
    Personally i dont trust any testing sites, unless you gonna be sending it overseas any paying shed loads of money
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    Yer wudnt trust.. all agenda driven imo

    just pick a good trustworthy lab/seller n hope for best
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    Yeah Im pretty happpy with Dimensions but always curious just to see as I heard someone unhappy with their tren a and someone unhappy with their proviron. The tren a seems ok. Not rocket fuel but got the throat tickle etc. The test is fine and the proviron seems fine as well. Chap had it home tested as dbol but if it was dbol I would swell up like a balloon!
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    TBH those home testing kits seem on the crap side, in terms of testing.

    i think if the labs decent i see no point in wasting more money on testing. Also you have to remember, these arent pharma companies, theyre illegal set ups, so i expect some errors from time to time, just the way it goes. I always expect every UGL to be 20% under dosed too. And, i would still use my UGL sted options over pharma steds, as those are all counterfeit now, or 'working replica's' as some sources say lol.

    i have some Karachi and Polish Omnadrens landing today, not holding my breath but thought id have a look at um.