Brand New Vegan Live Clean Ready Meals - Now Available

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    We want to make Muscle Food for EVERYONE – That’s why we’ve been working tirelessly to create these Brand New Live Clean Vegan Plan Meals – Just pop them in the microwave and you’re ready to go!!

    Everything in our Live Clean™ Vegan Plant Protein Range is made from clean wholesome ingredients, with nothing artificial and no added sugar. Each meal contains:

    · 20g-40g Protein

    · Less Than 500 calories

    · 3+ Of Your 5 A Day

    · Nutritionally Dense

    · Vegan Society

    · Clean Plant Ingredients

    Perfect for anyone looking to eat clean and meet their daily protein needs; while following a plant based or vegan diet. Or you could just fancy a meat free day!

    Eat the Live Clean™ way – All meals will always be.

    · Clean wholesome ingredients

    · Nothing artificial

    · No added sugar

    · No artificial sweeteners

    · No MSG or soy lecithin

    · Lab tested nutritionals