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Discussion in 'Ask The Experts' started by stewedw, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. stewedw

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    Hi guys, I have a docs app next week as I've noticed when sleeping (or trying to) that I can here my pulse and it seems high and loud. I can no longer sleep with earplugs in as a result.

    I'm on cycle (test and tren) I eat well, don't drink much etc. Howler tiredness is an issue recently due to having two jobs and sometimes energy drinks find their place in my daily routine.

    Anyway, took my blood pressure with a home machine for the last three days, other family have used it and it appears to be working just fine. My average reading is 163/58

    Ive made an app to the doc as my father suffers high blood pressure, I'm under some stress but I'm otherwise healthy at 35.

    Am I panicking over nothing?

  2. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

    I'd disregard opinions from anyone who isn't a medical professional, in this case anyway.

    I def don't think there is anything to panic about, but you need to get checked out properly all the same mate.
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  3. stewedw

    stewedw Senior Member

    Cheers Dan. I'm the leanest and fittest I've been in twenty years, wrapped my shit job and started a dig walking business so walk 10+ miles weekly on top of the gym which is a first, and assumed all was well until I started noticing he being high. I've ran more and longer of the compounds I have just now, perhaps the tren is just stronger than I'm used to, better brand etc. I'll have the doc check it and perhaps ham it up more to push for bloods etc, at 35 I wouldn't think I have an issue as there are no other sides.

  4. stewedw

    stewedw Senior Member

    Ps that's ten days since tren so less than 100mg in me and less than 450mg test e. I'll swap both to prop and ace when I get it, so I can drop faster if there is an issue. Slight personal issues that are on my mind so perhaps anxiety is getting the better of me, or the sleep pattern as I run the dog walking but bounce four nights a week which is making me sleep 4-6 hours max at any given time. Lots of variables, but I thought it was sensible to ask.
  5. Roy@/_

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    You've done the right thing get straight to the docs as that bp is far far to high.

    BP is the most damaging aspect of what we do if not manageded (and indeed for anybody ped or not). Cannot stress thst enough it will seriously damage your kidneys and hesrt and will kill.

    Imo...forget about gear untill you can get right right down. Sounds extreme but it's more than likely gear related based on what you've said.

    Healthy at 35, body weight is low and under a bit of history of high bp...gear in the mix...see what I'm saying?

    Let us know what doc says and fair play for facing up to it and dealing with it rather head in sand like so many.
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  6. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    How did you get on? I got a massive scare at the docs yesterday.

    I had really high diastolic around September last year. Was massively overweight and living a terrible lifestyle. Think it was 115 which was freaky. Anyway I dieted and dropped 3 stone fairly quickly. Had my BP tested in the chemist around 5 weeks ago and diastolic was down to 87, still high but a drop at least.

    So I go for new patient appointment yesterday. practice nurse buts the machine on me and the reading came back 170/135 which is unbelievable. I knew it would be high but wasn't convinced about that. Anyway I was immediately asked for blood and urine and to go and have an ECG which takes a more accurate BP reading as well as rhythm. Result came back 125/87, completely different reading to the one 30 minutes before. In short those machines are shite and scare the hell out of people. I had a decent one and it was so all over the place I binned it.

    My BP is still high, although lifestyle is not ideal it is unfortunately hereditary. Mum, Dad and Brother are all on Meds

    Dad - Moderate Drinker / Reasonable diet/ Medium Intensity Exercise
    Mum - Hardly drinks / Diet is okay / Doesnt exercise much but always on her feet moving around
    Brother - Light drinker / Diet is okay / Exercises a fair bit

    My diet and training are usually pretty good. No reccies now and only cruising on gear. Just screwed with injury at the moment

    None of them have particularly bad lifestyles but are all on meds for hypertension. I could certainly do with losing a bit as Im over 19 stone again and getting fitter (injuries getting in the way big time) but I fear that it will always be a little on the high side. My brother had to go on Ramipril when he was a bit younger than me. I suspect I will be on them as of Thursday. I was self prescribing them at one point but stopped as I want it to be properly monitored but not by those crappy electric cuff ones. Use the old fashioned method please! I can't believe the machines are used in Healthcare to be honest. Most people I know have had same experience with them as me
  7. stewedw

    stewedw Senior Member

    Two weeks after getting antibiotics for my illness and no is down to 130/55 so must have been related to the virus. Scary to think it shifts so much? BP also down and I haven't been working wanky shifts at night so the rest has been fine too
  8. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

    @Irish Beast

    3 cups of hibiscus tea every day.

    Tesco red berries will do it.

    Either that or leave 3 bags in a couple of litres of warm water overnight then sup it over the following morning.

    That'll knock it down a few notches with no real effort
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  9. Grimnir

    Grimnir The black triangle is God

    I added in eating celery and hawthorn supplement with the hibiscus tea and it brought mine down.
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  10. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah both of those two, good info mate.

    Get em all in IB. Hibiscus has the same effect as an ACE inhibitor which is what the doc will throw at you if you can't bring it down without.
  11. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    I have started drinking hibiscus more regularly actually. Always had it bit forget to drink it. Will try and get more in to me defibitely. Been eating much cleaner this week and got a fucking cold now!! Probably a shock to the body!