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Discussion in 'Performance Enhancing Drugs' started by Clubber Lang, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Clubber Lang

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    got a box of these free to try, 3x amps per box.

    All writing on the box, is English, apart from some writing next to the word Testoviron on the front of the box.

    amps are all the same light, oil is of normal consistency in terms of thickness. Amps dont have a flat bottom, slightly pressed inwards. Mfg and Regn numbers on the box match the amps. Leaflet inside the box is thin on white/grey'ish paper.

    what are the chances these are legit or too many fakes around to know?

    jabbed 1ml this morning. Amp snapped clean, went into my delt ok too. No issues so far.

  2. spearman

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    No Idea bro. Pharma test is a minefield.
  3. Clubber Lang

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    yeah i very rarely touch any pharma grade steds these days. Oils are sooo heavily fake its not worth the effort to try and source and waste of money buying.

    i jabbed one of the 3x amps in the box, will save the other 2x amps as back up's in case i run out of test cus i forgot to order.

    even orals are a nightmare now. I use to use loads of DS Dbol, but now all i can get are the fakes with the 72/2 Taskin Road addy. The tablets are well pressed but theyre also grey in colour and everyone whos used say they lack punch. They're holding onto their weight but not gaining.

    im hoping for some SB Lab dbol to surface but theyre like rocking horse sh#t.

    just have to keep eyes and ears open and in the mean time stick with decent UGLs.

    TBH ive just started using ROHMs new Sust Blend. Getting great morning wood the day after jabbing so theres something in it. Might just be theyre test-prop with a Sust label on the vial lol.