Anytime gym?

Discussion in 'All About Training' started by StevieB, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. StevieB

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    I got a flyer for a branch of Anytime gym opening right on my door step in the new year. Does anyone have experience of them? Oversubscribed, good / bad equipment etc.

  2. CK1

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    Anytime is one of my memberships (I have 3 )

    Actually have pretty good equipment in them the ones I've been to , the fact you can use any of the gyms across the country 24/7 with the one membership is priceless for me
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  3. New Hybrid

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    not with them but i do use a 24hour gym and its great. allows you to train whenever, xmas day, easter, new year. whenever you want to.
  4. commando

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    i use them. fantastic gym. obviously its open any time, which is great as i work shifts. equipment is great. gets very busy between 5 and 7 but most places do.

    if i go in the day its quite. lots of pretty boys in there who think the place is a fashion show but it doesn't bother me as i just put my headphones on and crack on with my own thing.

    you can use them abroad swell. i go to hong kong and singapore soon I've already checked where i can train.