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  1. Sohal89

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    Hey guys, it's been a while since i last posted on here.

    So I'm looking to run an Anavar only cycle... as my first cycle (i know some don't agree with this but from what ive seen, it can make a difference)

    Now im torn between 6 weeks or 8 weeks on Anavar.

    50mg ED or 100mg?
    or maybe half cycle on 50 and half on 100?

    And finally, the PCT. There are so many articles out there and forums which say different things.

    My question is, WHAT do I take.

    Clomid OR Nolvadex. I'll take milk thistle just as a precution anyway.

    What dose do I/should I take the Clomid OR Nolvadex? And am i correct in assuming PCT is for 4 weeks.
  2. The Red Meat Kid

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    From what you’ve suggested

    8 weeks @ 100mg

    No pct. wouldn’t bother with milk thistle either.

    Drink plenty water and take plenty omega 3 throughout
  3. Sohal89

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    Cheers mate
  4. Sohal89

    Sohal89 Senior Member

    Anyone else want to chime in too?