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    Cool. Will post a pic of it. I'm sure someone on here has used Norma and can verify the authenticity of packaging and ampule hopefully.
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    Okay, so I bit more on this topic.

    Norma Test E at 250mg EW for 12 weeks

    followed by Nolva and Clomid for 4 weeks

    Nolva week 1-week 2: 40mg ed

              week 3 -week 4: 20mg ed

    Clomid 100/100/50/50 (week 1-4)

    I want to keep my first cycle as simple as possible and i think the test alone is as simple as it is gonna get.

    Question here is..

    Is 250mg EW enough? Or should I do 250 and increase to 500 after say 6 weeks? Or do 500 from the get go and keep it at 500 for the 12 weeks. 

    ALSO, will i gain size from this or just strength? (Obv diet will still be high carbs and around 160-180g protein)
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    Your clomid I would be wary of running for 4 weeks (as you will find out in due course)

    250mg is enough per week for a first cycle.

    The ones who advocate more are in it for different reasons and are speaking from their current base where they are using quite a bit.

    So 250mg mauy seem TRT doses to some, it is still a superphysiological dose to the natural equivalent produced and enough to warrant gains being made.

    If you arent happy then your second course use more. Simple.
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    What would be the issue of running clomid at 4 weeks?

    Also the fact that I'm going to be using pharma grade, means that it is of a better quality and more potent in terms of correct dosing per administration... am i correct in saying that?
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    A lot of people suffer from negative feedback of the hormones from clomiphene.

    You might not do but let me tell you that you will get a taste of what its like to have a vagina.

    Pharmacy grade (if it is indeed) is pharmacy grade.

    It will be dosed correct and have little in terms of contaminent and adulterants.
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    Hi all!

    Thought i'd revive this thread since the last post was in 2014.

    Was reading through everything on here yet again and took aboard the advice from you guys. So 3 and a half years later and im still natural.

    Weighing at a solid 62/63kgs now (gaining is so hard for me but my job helps as all i do is sit around and eat...).

    Now originally I was going to do a test cycle, now I have some Elixir Anavar and was thinking of running that alone for 6 weeks at 50mg ED.

    There's a lot of hate on a var only cycle, but does anyone have any experiences on a var only cycle? If i do go for it, the PCT would be prescribed tamoxifen at 40/40/20/20 or 80/80/40/40 (unsure on this)
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