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  1. commando

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    Keeping a log here of my workouts/diet, feel free to contribute. No PEDS currently being used.

    Training for strength at the minute using the 531 approach, just finished the first workout, it was enjoyable i think i will like the fact that i have a realistic goal in each workout.

    I am training for strength but i also want to drop some bf, i know this isn't ideal but i go on holiday in september and i wanna look good for that, not bothered about being ripped just dont want love handles  :biggrin: .

    Todays Training - first days so weights calculated at 65%, 75%, 85% 1rm (90% 1rm)

    OH Strict Military press

    warm up sets ++

    5 x 40kg

    5 x 45 kg

    8 x 55 kg

    5 x 60kg (Joker)

    65kg - FAIL

    Seated DB shoulder press

    3 x 12 - 44kg

    Rear delt flys

    3 x 12

    Concentration curls

    3 x 12 - 16kg

    Playing squash tonight so that will be my cardio sorted. ill put todays diet down as i know what im having the rest of today...

    Meal 1 - porridge, bannana, 25g whey


    PWO - shake carbs/protein

    Meal 2 - big salad, chicken, 1 whole egg, small amount of cous cous

    meal 3 - 250g greek yogurt, mixed fruit, honey

    Play squash

    Meal 4 - Spag bol - 5% lean mince whole wheat pasta broccoli. (fairly big meal as its my last, around 7:30pm sometimes later tho)

    starting weight taken on empty stomach first thing this morning 14.3 st ( doesnt mean a great deal as my weight fluctuates massivley)

    Opinions on diet training would be much appreciated. Thanks
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  2. s man

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    Good to see a new journal on the go.

    Can't really advise as far as strength training goes as I don't train for strength directly, it's just a side effect of continuous progression an effort.  That said I would not really bother with 2 OHP movements, unless 1 is behind the neck,  but go balls to the wall with 1 and add in drop sets after the final set and  maybe a pumper to finish.

    For me I would also lose the pasta and add in Wholemeal rice instead but that's my own choice as I like it and feel more full from it with less volume.  Not a fan of yogurt ever as I am a big meat man so eat it it a every meal. I understand the purpose of a pwo shake but again I'd rather eat white rice and chicken/turkey/fish as I'm a pig and want food haha. An again this is my personal choice I would have 5 or 6 meals as I'm always bloody hungry so 5-6 smaller meals is much easier on my hunger pangs than just 4 and a shake.

    Again these are all my choices and as with meds and diet I believe we are all completely different an it's very instinctive  so you find what works for you and stick to it, only took me 10 years lol 
  3. commando

    commando Elite Member

    Thanks for the input mate appreciate it. 

    i dont normally do 2 oh presses tbh but thought i would add the db as assistance work.

    with regards to diet i have been training for 10 years done all sorts in that time and i do believe i have found what works for me. i used to have huge amounts of protein mainly from meat and have 6 or 8 meals a day. i changed earlier this year 2 3 or 4 meals a day and moderate protein and i have found it has had no negative impact on my physique. i really do believe i have wasted £1000's on protein over the years.

    The pwo shake is purely a conveinice thing, i dont always have it, for example thursday i will be training later so will just come home and have tea.

    the yogurt has a decent amount of protein in and it also means i can have a load of fruit with it. i'm making a real effort to get my 5 a day in as i do think it is important.
  4. s man

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    100% Agree.  Took me bloody ages to workout we're all different so you find what works for you and stick to it.  Sometimes it can be so far from the prescribed norm that everyone follows but the mirror doesn't lie and the weights go up so that is all that matters!
  5. commando

    commando Elite Member

    good session tonight, felt really strong on deadlifts (considering im weak as fck on them) It was grip that let me down in the end.


    3 x 14


    12 x 60kg (warm up)

    10 x 80kg 

    5 x 95kg

    5 x 110

    9 x 125kg

    Joker sets

    5 x 140kg

    3 x 155kg

    1 x 160kg PB (belt)

    1 x 165 kg (went up pushed hips through but grip went at the top) (belt)

    14 x 100kg (AMRAP)

    Cable Row

    3 x 12

    Concept 2 rower

    2000m - 8:22.7

    Diet pretty much same as yesterday but i had jerk chicken for tea :)
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  6. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    I love a good strength programme 

    Have you ran the cube? Basically you train 4 x a week 

    Bench, squat, deadlift, bodybuild 

    you rotate between heavy, explosive, rep 

    So once every three weeks you will havedeadlifted heavy, explosive and repped 

    After a three week wave, the percentages go up and volume goes down slightly

    Bodybuilding days are always to work on the weak links and you train assistance and Ohp after bench days and bodybuilding days  

    I absolutely love this programme 

    This may come in handy too, I'm not too sure what your deadlifting day was percentage wise but seemed too many reps at too little weight in an odd pyramid style 

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  7. commando

    commando Elite Member

    Hi holly ill have a look in to the cube thanks.

    on my deadlift day the first 3 working sets were calculated at ...... 

    65%, 75%, 85% 1rm (90% 1rm) this is how  531 works, after those sets i was feeling strong so was having a play, i can see how it looks a bit odd tho.

    Bench yesterday...

    Flat Bench

    5 x 70kg

    5 x 80kg

    10 x 90kg

    Joker sets

    3 x 100kg

    10 x 80kg (AMRAP)


    3 x Bodyweight 9,8,7


    3 x 12

    Skull Crushers

    3 x 12 - 8

    Played squash for 45 minutes tonight so that was some good cardio.

    todays diet

    Meal 1 - 25g whey, bowl of raisen wheats

    Meal 2 - 1 slice wholemeal toast 2 whole eggs

    Meal 3 - chicken breast, broccoli 

    Meal 4 - 250g 0% greek yogurt, strawberrys, blueberrys, honey

    Meal 5 - 3 whole poached eggs, 1 slice wholemeal toast, a load of lean ham out of the fridge that needed eating. 
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  8. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    Lol I see! 

    Hopefully in a couple more weeks it'll be more challenging 

    Oh the candito programme is quite punishing 
  9. commando

    commando Elite Member

    Squats Yesterday, felt really lethargic all day and wasn't in the mood but forced myself to the gym, also i split my shorts at the back doing squats lmao, still i cracked on like a trooper with my arse on show...


    warm up++

    5 x 85kg

    5 x 95kg

    10 x 110kg


    2 x 120kg

    10 x 100kg

    Leg Press

    3 x 12 reps Leg press

    leg extension / hamstring superset

    3 x 12 reps


    Meal 1 - 25g whey, raisen wheats in skimmed milk, 1 apple

    Meal 2 - 2 whole eggs, 1 slice wholemeal bread

    Meal 3 - 1 large chicken breast, loads of broccolli

    Meal 4 - 250g 0% yogurt, 1 pear, strawberrys, honey 

    Work out

    Meal 5 - Battered fish, battered sausage, chips, 2 slices of bread and butter, half a large chocolate bar 
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  10. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    Liking the look of meal 5 there! 
  11. commando

    commando Elite Member

    Haha yeah It  was nice. 

    Tonight's is even better sweet and sour chicken noodles and egg fried rice. 
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  12. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    Love a good strength diet lol! 
  13. commando

    commando Elite Member

    Quick shoulders session this morning in and out in 40 minutes, great session all in all 3 PB's......

    Strict military press

    warm up++

    3 x 45kg

    3 x 50kg

    6 x 57.5kg

    Joker sets (belt on)

    3 x 62.5kg (PB) 

    2 x 65kg (PB)

    1 x 67.5kg (PB)

    Seated lat raises 

    3 x 12

    Reverse cable flys

    3 x 12

    Got an hour and half of squash tonight the first 45 minutes will be a tough game then the next half im giving some coaching to my mate so will be pretty easy going (for me anyway)

    Off to play golf now with my old man.
  14. commando

    commando Elite Member


    3 x 12


    Warm up++

    3 x 105kg

    3 x 120kg

    8 x 130kg

    Joker sets (belt on)

    3 x 150kg

    3 x 160kg

    5 x 140kg

    Bent over rows

    4 x 12 60kg

    EZ bar curls

    3 x 12
  15. commando

    commando Elite Member

    Bench this morning..

    Flat Bench

    warm up++

    3 x 75kg

    3 x 85kg

    6 x 95kg


    3 x 100kg

    3 x 102.5kg

    6 x 80kg 

    cable crossover

    3 x 14

    Pec dec

    3 x 12

    Skull crushers

    3 x 12

    45 mins of squash tonight