38 year old's journey to fitness (aka midlife crisis as Mrs mum calls it)

Discussion in 'Public Journals' started by oneunfitdad, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. oneunfitdad

    oneunfitdad New Member

    Ok this starts last summer at the beach.

    [SIZE=9pt]Well I[/SIZE]
  2. RAD

    RAD Elite Member

    Good luck with this mate.....and welcome to UGM
  3. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    Hello! Good luck with your mission for fitness :)
  4. Mass Monster

    Mass Monster Elite Member

    Well done for getting your health/fitness back up to scratch. 
  5. oneunfitdad

    oneunfitdad New Member

    cheers all :)