12 Days Until Away. Any Tips To Sharpen Up?

Discussion in 'All About Training' started by SteamroD, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. SteamroD

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    got a name change on my mates holiday now me and the missus are going to cyprus. bit unplanned.

    i'm mid bulk, i'm getting to soft as it is anyway going on holiday has just spured me on abit. need to dry out lose a few lbs

    currently on a boat load of sust, really quite/very waterlogged.

    thinking acetate 1.5 ml 3X a week masteron 1ml 3 x a week porviron at 50mg a day and 1mg adex eod. 5iu gh.

    is it worth adding in 50mcg t3?

    carbs down to about 100g a day on non traning and 150 on training,

    have some DNP here I am considering doing 7 days of?

    any other thoughts/tips?

    watching some vids here get myself motivated abit.
  2. AlriteGeezer

    AlriteGeezer Elite Member

    Keep your proposed cycle... up prov to 150mg ED

    Sack the T3

    Cut carbs and deplete glycogen asap, then run dnp for aslong as you can, if you fast from 9pm until 1-2pm next day and stick with just lean protein and carbs...

    you should drop all the water and maybe even a bit of lard too
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  3. SteamroD

    SteamroD Elite Member

    looks good, ive sibutramine here should help with the cravings. I tried fasting before but t just led to me over eating come graze time I may try it every other day just to start see how I get on.

    150mg prov ed... and the missus though I was bad on the sust lol.
  4. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    the missus would be impaled if your on that much proviron. Haha

    I would be tempted by the DNP, forget the T3 as they wont do anything in such a short period.

    Loads of cardio and lean diet as you will already know.

    Are you staying on the sus? Just wondering if any Adex will be enough to combat GH and Sus bloat? Should be but I never found adex that good, might be just me. Typical as I have a load of the fucking stuff in my drawer!
  5. SteamroD

    SteamroD Elite Member

    hi pal.

    I dropped the sust now on 1.5ml rip and 1ml ace 3x a week.

    actually not going too bad!

    feel fucking wrecked but definitely am tighter even with the DNP. down half a st.

    1 week to go.