12 day DNP log

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  1. Anchorism

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    Hi all, new to forum but long time lurker! 

    This is my DNP log, im five days in so will update on past 5 days and try to update daily from there...

    Day 1...



     starting weight 182 lbs

    12% bf

    Dnp dosage starting at 200mg crystal (known source)

    2g vit C sipped

    400iu vit E
    50g bcaa 
    2x multi vit
    re -hydration pack first thing
    3 x 100mg potasium 


    doing roughly protein 50/carbs 25/fat 25/

    cals 2000 a day give or take



    arms - 
    seated curls 4x8 
    hammer curls 4x8
    skulls - 4x8
    rope down- 4x12

    cable fly 4x12
    decline bench - 5x8
    laterals- 3x rev drop set

    back/rear delt-
    ez row - 5x8
    pull ups- 4xfail
    rev pec dec- 4x12

    abs- every other session - a/b/a/b etc
    A--rope crunch 4x12/hang leg raise 4xfail/crunches 2x50
    B--weighted crunch 4x12/ side bends 4x12/ bench leg raises 2x50
  2. Anchorism

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    Day 2...

    nothing new to report, slight carb cravings nothing major, weight the same.
  3. Anchorism

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    Day 3...

    woke up a couple of times no night sweats but dry mouth, weight the same.
  4. Anchorism

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    Day 4...

    Upped dosage to 300mg, slept well, slightly warmer during the day, strength slightly down and feeling bit tired, managed to gain 1lb as expected from water retention probably muscles look very flat and lost quite abit vascularity..my veins have disappeared!
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  5. Rudedog

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    Hi mate! Welcome to the board.

    Get some pics up fella. I've found most dnp journals are devoid of pics. So if you make some good progress it would be good to see.

    Everyone on here will help you along the way.

    Good luck with it!!
  6. Anchorism

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    Day 5...

    still at 300mg in one morning dose, feel like complete sh1t, feeling feverish and sluggish sweating like a pig. This is my second cycle of DNP by the way.. did one a few years ago and although i had water retention back then I dont remember it being this bad, gained a further 3lb's and 1/2 inch on waist :-| may try dropping the cals bit more tomorrow before upping the dose by 100mg.
  7. Anchorism

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    Ok rude dog will do and thanks :)
  8. Rudedog

    Rudedog Senior Member

    Stick with it fella and try not to binge that's the hardest part for me, even though there was still noticeable fat loss it would of been nice to od had the willpower to have seen it through the proper way

    Unfortunately I don't possess the willpower on that stuff ha ha
  9. Rudedog

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    Do you have to go to work through this lol?
  10. Rudedog

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    Looking good in avi fella!!
  11. Anchorism

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    Luckily I work for myself and quite often from home! I know what you mean about the cravings it is quite literally painful especially at night! have you ever experienced gaining waist size from water retention?
  12. Rudedog

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    I just look like complete and utter shit from head to toe on it. I never measured my waist whilst on it but wouldn't be surprised if it had gone up an inch at most from water.

    Not only do you feel like utter shit it plays crazy mind games too from all that water and flatness
  13. Anchorism

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    its the devils poison! i was also surprised how the sides suddenly crept up on me, very glad i went slow at the start..i must be getting old or this stuff is over dosed! dropping carbs and cals abit more tomorrow as well as upping dose depending how i feel so will be interesting to see how that goes. FYI i am not running any gear along side this so am preying I dont lose any hard earned muscle!
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  14. Anchorism

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    Day 6...

    Didn't go to Gym today so didn't way myself but took a waist measurement and am down 1/2 inch! cravings are off the scale not necessarily carbs just food cravings in general im guessing this is down to my energy being cock blocked from ATP!
  15. Guerilla9

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    That's odd, I'm on 250mg of DNP and have no cravings at all. The water retention is a bitch but it'll drop off again.

    Last weigh in I was 22lbs down in 21 days,

    Are you taking anything else along side the dnp in the way of peds?
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