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  1. Jim152

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    Hi all,

    Been a LONG time since have posted here, am glad the forum is still alive and kicking - was always my go to place for help and information but havent been active in training or other aspects as id have liked over the last few years but hey here i am (again).

    Now can anyone offer me any opinions on the 1-AD (Anabolic Pharmaceuticals). Is very cheap and they are the only ones i know of that sell it...cant find any reviews either. Now i emailed the sellars and they say its gen and they sell loads of it. Just wondering if anyone else has used it or knows its gtg??
  2. spearman

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    Is it a pro hormone?
  3. Irish Beast

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    Bit more info needed. The generic sounding name rings alarm bells. I have never heard of them and the fact that you said cheap and no reviews would make me swerve them
  4. Jim152

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    Yes mate-a very popular old one.
  5. Jim152

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    Yeah thats what made me a little unsure....however i did the under the tongue test on one of the tablets and got the stinging/burning sensation which apparently 1-AD does. Thats a good sign.

    Also the seller has a decent shop/set up and been going for some time....would of thought it'd be a risky move business wise if you were selling your own bunk stuff so it could be gtg.

    Guess only one way to find out.