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    The Protocol....

    Week 1-4: 1000iu SubQ ED (20-50iu per kilo of weight x 3 per week)

    Week 5: OFF

    Week 6-8:  2000iu SubQ EW

    The Support Supps...

    Week 1-4: Iron Chelate 100mg / Vitamin B12 500mcg / Folic Acid 800mcg

    Week 5: OFF

    Week 6-8: Iron Chelate 25mg / Vitamin B12 500mcg / Folic Acid 800mcg

    Week 1-8: Aspirin 75mg pre-bed


    Before running this cycle, its a good idea to already have a good baseline of fitness. Remember that this EPO wont make you fit, you still need to work hard and do your bits. If you can complete a 3 mile jog in around 20mins, you have a good baseline of fitness for example. EPO is safe as long as you know what your doing and know about "blood" to an extent and its properties and there functions. You can use Google or them things to read, Im going to keep this strictly to my research and findings.

    So we can see for a start, there is a loading period and a maintain period over 2 months/8 weeks. When we load, we are raising our HCT levels AKA increasing oxygen rich red blood cells. The average in adult males is usually between 40-45%. When we load, we are taking that figure and increasing it over the space of the month. Nice and steady so as not to cause any sudden side effects. Think of a blood transfusion or a drip in hospital - its slow and never in one big hit. They say that 12,000iu of EPO increases your HCT by 1%. This is person dependent in my experience. 12,000iu for me raises 2.5%. When we maintain, we are happy with our new HCT% and want to keep it there for a while.

    AND THIS I MUST STRESS: Do not try and guess your bloodwork, this is dangerous practise. You need to have blood tests to monitor your HCT%. Be prepared to invest in private bloods, unless you got a sweet GP.

    Pre EPO:

    To check baseline HCT% and to check your iron levels. Your ferratin levels need to be around 150-300ng/ml. If they are significantly lower, you need to do a 3 week daily Iron tablet to build you up a bit, then repeat bloods. Dont start EPO yet until this is resolved.

    Post Load:

    - To check HCT% increase efficiency. You should notice a jump in your baseline HCT%. How much is dependent on the person. If your seeing a good increase, around a 5-8% increase BUT not above HCT 55%, you've done really well. If you see below a 5% increase, you may continue to load-up and check bloods again. Work out your total increase divided by the weeks loading, so you know on average how much % increase your getting per week - this will help you tweak up to your desired level (not above 55%).

    Post Maintain:

    - To check HCT% is stable at desired level. After loading, and you find your desired HCT%, its a good idea to maintain it for a period that will benefit you for your main event (ie: cycling, boxing, running).

    The Log...

    So I had my bloods done before the commence of EPO. My iron levels came back at 174ng/ml and my HCT% being 43%. 

    I began my daily injects of EPO, along with the supporting supplements to assist in development of healthy blood cells. Training for me as a boxer wasnt altered much other than my roadwork/jogging/cardio, as this period was leading up to fight night and its crucial at this time to peak my fitness. 3 mile jogs become 5 mile jogs. 15mins skipping rope becomes 30mins skipping rope. 30mins swimming becomes 45mins swimming. You get the picture. My diet also changes from being large portions of say 60% carbs 40% protein, to tighter more moderate portions of say 60% protein 40% carbs. So with the diet and training tweaks in place, everything is set on the road to victory for me.

    After 4 weeks had gone by, I noticed my breathing was a lot slower and steadier, and my resting pulse rate had dropped to 52/bpm, with it normally being 62/bpm. My energy levels were up and I felt rather "good". So I had my next blood test, and it concluded that my new iron levels were 320ng/ml and my HCT at 50% exactly. I took the week off EPO and supplements, then jumped straight to maintenance, with fight night but 3 weeks away. 

    So far during training, Im finding Im not out of breath. I feel tired as normal, and my muscles fatigue a little as the 3min round closes, but during that minute rest, its as if nothing happened. A few deep breaths and Im raring to go again. If I assess it like this; after 10 rounds of intense sparring Im reasonably tired and drained out and really having to push myself. My stamina might be at the 40% mark. With EPO, after 10 rounds, it feels like the end of Round 4 normally. Around the 85% mark. Sparring and fighting, you can appreciate are 2 different things. When running or jogging, I notice the same effects. After 3 miles Im normally tired out good and the extra miles Id do for peaking is really hard work. With EPO, I complete the extra miles like I just finished my 2nd mile, and my pulse doesnt go over 90/bpm. No panting, no loss of focus through fatigue. Training at the boxing club, we're looking at a good 2-3hrs. You can see another post of mine where Ill outline my routine .ect but I can say that EPO makes my routine a breeze. Punishing, but not devastating as normal.

    A good 10 days pass since my last EPO maintainer injection, and I still feel live and kicking.

    Fight Night. I go for it. With such energy, the EPO and adrenaline all working in synch, I close the show in the 2rd round by KO.

    I found I could move at maximum speed, let my hands go and put a lot of power behind each punch, and just keep moving forward ducking and rolling, throwing dirty body hooks and tight uppercuts inside with bad intention. No holding back or preserving my gas. The guy didnt stand a chance really, but he was tall and strong, powerfully built. He stood at 6'4ft, and me at 5'11ft. But I did the works.

    So what does this tell us about EPO?

    It plays a big factor on your endurance and cardio output. I call it the anti-panting medicine, as you just dont seem to lose your gas or breath with it. You will get tired eventually, but it'll take a lot longer for that to occur than normal. It gives you that edge. You can see why cyclists and runners will use n abuse EPO, it will get you from A-B with no stress.

    I found that it took my HCT around 10 weeks to return to normal since my last maintainer injection. As did my iron levels. So no aenemia thankfully!

    Final notes on safety...

    * While loading, you may notice the odd headache, or lower back pain. This is normal and goes after a while. 

    * Water intake needs to be in the neighbourhood of 3-4 litres per day, plus a sachet of Dioralyte after training. Very important to cover your electrolytes as well as hydration. Wont hurt to sip on a Lucozade Sport during training while your at it.

    * Keep a BP Machine at home, and check it every morning upon waking. If your pulse becomes too low or too high, stop EPO. If your pulse dips too low when you sleep, its dangerous and you may not even wake up. Sleep with a heart monitor on, and set the alarm to trigger if your pulse goes below 35/bpm <<< FOR THE EXTRA CAUTIOUS

    * Take that Aspirin 75mg before bed, to keep your blood slippery and to avoid clotting and thickening. Again, if your blood thickens too much, your looking at strokes and heart attacks.

    * Keep an eye on health. If you feel unwell, have bloods done and cease EPO til you get to the bottom of the matter.
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    Interesting read mate and congrats on the knockout.

    Excellent overview, thanks.
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    4 wins to my name so far, hope to keep it up LOL
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    Nice log. 

    I have to admin EPO is something that I know nothing about, so its good to read about some first hand experience. 
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    Good write up!
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    Will read this later, interesting content and virgin territory for me with this med.
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    Interesting read mate
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    Its like DNP.... people freak out and go mental - all you need is a bit of savy and caution and you'll do the magic.
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    Something i have been looking into recently but am yet to do more research. Any links in regards to different protocols and thought?
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    Theres some out there mate, look on Google.

    Not very clear though, its just like "Take 20-50iu per kg of weight" and "Load up for 3 weeks" and "Take iron but not too much, watch your bloods"

    Browse buddy, browse..... I guarentee this review is the best you'll find :) haha
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